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  February 24, 2024

Bali Garden Villas

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This website is about building, buying and selling of houses, and developement of properties in Bali, and Lombok.
You find many interesting items here: pictures of the properties, of house types, of building materials and information about ownership. Browse these pages to find the house of your dreams, or a property that suits you.

List of all available items in Bali.

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Description Location Price  
Modern Villa Compound
5 bedrooms
Hilltop- overlooking Lovina BayEU 295.000 / RENT EU 260 p dayInfinity Pool Villa Aruna
Three Villas & Pool
Main House, two guest houses
Lovina Bay, ocean view U$ 715.000infinity pool on hillside
Beach Front Compound
3 buildings around a swimming pool
Lovina - Banyarasemnego by ownerBEACH FRONT
Level land and Restaurant
5440 sqm (54.4Are)
near Lovina Beach165, 000 U$Surrounded by rice fields
3 story villa at North coast
Beach property TejakulaFor Rent USD 600 per weekVILLA SUNRISE
Two Story Villa - Bali Style
built by European owner
10 min walk from Lovina Beach58.000 EU -SOLD-Big Villa - Bali Style
Tropical fruit garden - fantastic ocean view
Overlooking LOVINA BAY54.000 EU / 92.000Mountain Villa
Rice terraces - ocean view
1.2 HA beautiful terraced land
Panji above Lovina BayU$ 115,000Green hilled terraced ocean view
Description Location Price  

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