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  June 20, 2024

Natural Materials Used for Construction

Choose from a wide variety of building materials:
You can choose from houses we have built in Bali, or bring your own design. We are happy to work with you and your own visions. We will suggest certain building materials, that are suitable for the tropical climate, and fit in with the environment.
For our bungalows we use : LOCAL WOOD ( bamboo, teak, jati, coconut, camphor and ironwood)
BALINESE RED BRICKS. Burnt in balinese kilns.
NATURAL STONES (Palimanan, sandstone, colored pebble, river rocks and tiles.
GLAS -a variety of plane or colored glasses. Even stained glass available.
Cement and iron reinforced concrete.
Please request models and samples. We are happy to send you more pictures by email. Take a look by clicking on the picture further down.

Natural materials

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Description Location Price  
Modern Beach Villa
Clear Cut. Minimalistic
Beach Tulamben155.000 U$Front of Beach House

click on the picture- and you see a variety of building materials
Bali Garden Villas - throughout BaliPool. Palimanan stone
Description Location Price  

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