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  July 13, 2024

Properties, Villas east of Singaraja

North East Coast
The villages of the North east coast are, like most balinese villages a bit away from the coast, at the feet of the mountain, in respect of the gods of the ocean. People here work in fruit plantations, fishing in outrigger boats, and run small craftsmen businesses. There are a lot of schools (since there are a lot of children) -from elementary to high school. Markets opens every day at 5 o'clock in the morning. Each full moon, there are ceremonies at one of the temples, and the unforseen ceremonies, like death/cremation, marriage, tooth filing and home shrine rituals happen almost daily.
The North Coast of Bali is made from black Lava, The beach is about 30 yards wide. The ocean is tropical, smooth and warm, and has lots of colorful fish. The beach and the peaceful (“Pacific”) ocean are ideal for children. The underwater world is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.
There is an international renowned Center for workshops, seminars and individual holidays at Bondalem beach, called “Bali Mandala Resort". This resort has a very fine restaurant, a swimming pool, a Spa, and an art shop.

from Singaraja towards Amed

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Description Location Price  
Diver's Paradise
Contemporary Villa
Tulamben BeachRP 2 Milliard / U$ 210,000front view Villa Toya
Tulamben Beach Front Villas
Lots available
Tulamben - near Ship Wreck "Liberty"9 Are = USD 100,0009 Are plot beach front
North CoastUSD 54,000tropical garden land with ocean view
Dive Center
First Class Diving -complete equipped
Tulamben2,050 000 U$Garden
Abasan Garden of Eden
Terraced hill with great ocean viewUSD 125,000OCEAN VIEW
Villa Singha
- Sold-
North Bali CoastU$ 185,000pool
Beach property and 2 Bungalows
on 1800 m2 -for sale
Beachfront and tropical garden45.000 EU- SOLDBeach Bungalow
Residential Villa at the beach
Villa Gajah. - 1400 m2 tropical garden
North coast. Bondalem beachfor rent U$550 / weekgarden front of villa
Description Location Price  

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